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Single Sign-On Amplify has made changes so you can use single sign-on (SSO) to access your mCLASS solutions. While your mCLASS experience will remain the same, you’ll need to use a different web address to log in to Amplify Home and to set up the mCLASS app to assess your students.


To access Amplify Home

1. Go to https://lausd.mclasshome.com.

2. Enter your SSO username (your LAUSD email) and password.



To access mCLASS: Assessments

1. Go to https://lausd.mclasshome.com/assessment.

2. Enter your SSO username (your LAUSD email) and password.


Update the mCLASS app for SSO If you previously used the mCLASS app to assess students and would like to use the mCLASS app with SSO, follow these steps to update the app:

1. Sync the mCLASS app.

2. Delete the mCLASS app from your device’s home screen or desktop.

3. Locate the directions for installing the mCLASS app on your operating system in the corresponding Best Practices guide:

          a. Windows 7

          b. Windows 8 and 10 c. iOS d. Android

4. Follow the directions as written, but instead of using the mclasshome.com/assessment URL, use:https://lausd.mclasshome.com/assessment.

5. You may now use your SSO username and password to log in to the mCLASS app.