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LAUSD Single Sign-On

Amplify has made changes so you can use single sign-on (SSO) to access Amplify Home and the mCLASS app. Your experience with Amplify Home and the mCLASS app will be the same, but you will use a different web address to log in to Amplify Home and set up the mCLASS app to assess your students.

To access Amplify Home:

Go to https://lausd.mclasshome.com.




On the LAUSD Single Sign-on page, enter your LAUSD email and password to log in.


If you are not directed to the LAUSD Single Sign-on page (as shown above), clear your browser cache and then go to https://lausd.mclasshome.com again.



To access mCLASS Assessments:

Go to https://lausd.mclasshome.com/assessment.

















lausd.mclasshome.com (DAZE)



To print results:

                         Login to Daze using Single-Sign-on (above)

                         > mCLASS DIBELS Next

                         > EOY Tab

                         > Printer icon on top right

                         > Class Summary

                         > Printer icon on bottom right

                         > Print